8 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois vs Adam Kun Fieldcontrol final

  1. It's crazy, he was on fire! I never seen him ride like that. It must have been because of a few teenage girls that were screaming his name whenever he rode…

  2. it must suck to hate on matthias…
    when time and time again he delivers as constantly as in this example, busting out both wheels, while using the whole floor space on a real bmx bike!
    Fucking shithot I say,

  3. Amazing to watch Adam and Matthais who just rides with so much consistency and balls out style ,love it this is what flatland is all about pure adrenalin and entertainment .

  4. And just think, I was excited to finally pull a hitchhicker to switch handed steamroller. These guys are sensational to the point of making me want to quit:) Effraim! Don't be so modest and post more of your awesome riding. You have a great combination of old and new school like Gomez.

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