Matthias Dandois wins Com’in Lyon 2013!

Photo: Thomas Noyer.

It’s been a big weekend for contests! Hot off the presses! The Pro class at the 2013 Com’in Lyon contest was won for the second year in a row by Matthias Dandois, second spot going to young buck Mathieu Bonnecuelle and third Quentin Pelorson! The Masterclass won by Markus Swichal, Expert by Laurent Perrier, and Novice by Mickaël Vest! Congratulations to all! Thanks to Thomas Noyer for results and photos!

1- Matthias Dandois
2- Mathieu Bonnecuelle
3- Quentin Pelorson

1-Markus Swichal
2-Yannick Chauvel
3-Kevin Meyer

1-Laurent Perrier
2-Cyril Laurent
3-Kevin Fesmeyer

1- Mickaël Vest
2- Anatole rahain
3- Thibault Dimarie

6 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois wins Com’in Lyon 2013!

  1. Matthieu Bonnecuelle is just amazing, he can do whiplash no hand..
    Other mad thing : during the contest runs, he made tricks of Alexis Desolneux but with the bar between his legs… talk about sickness!!!
    And a legit source told me Matthieu had 10 time harder tricks that he didn’t show at the contest.. make me speechless

    And Quentin Pelorson is da bomb, sick style and flow, upper hards tricks and links, flatland is like heaven when watching him

    Joris Bretagnolles pushed his riding and links to a other level, amazing too

    Beside all of that crazyness, Com’in Lyon was such a great moment with people there, congrats to the Com’inLyon team!!

  2. Everybody should try to make it to Lyon.
    It’s such a great scene there!!! So relaxed and so many good and original riders!! Awesome! Thanks for doing this event year for year!

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