Matthias Dandois wins Fise!!

Im sitting in the wifi area by the flatland with martin at global flat haha, this feels weird!

Matthias Dandois just won the first round of the world circuit, who’s gonna stop him!!, beating Moto Sasaki in the final…
the crowd was incredible, never heard a noise so loud for flat, goose bumps!! Incredible vibe!!!!

Top four are as follows!

Matthias Dandois
Moto Sasaki
Viki Gomez

2 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois wins Fise!!

  1. Yaaa!!! Woke up super early after a bender at the bar..The Fise feed was kind of sketchy, but i did get to see moto throw down before i said to hell with it.Good shit. Competition scene seems to be "growing" in one way or another..Mad props to Matthais, dudes mad consistant..Be interesting to see if anyone can kick him out the way…

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