Matthias Dandois wins KOG + 2011 World Circuit!

Matthias Dandois just won the KOG Round 3 in Tokyo, Japan, and is the 2011 World Circuit Champion! Congrats to Matthias! Check out some of the videos from the livestream! Which was pretty awesome!

1-Matthias Dandois
2-Moto Sasaki
3-Yohei Uchino
4- Shinde
5- Takahiro Ikeda
7- Tsutomu Kitayama
8-Taikou Kaneta
9- Hiro Morisaki
10- Yuki Sakai

For even more videos:

Hit the link, scroll down and check the right hand side!

8 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois wins KOG + 2011 World Circuit!

  1. What did I say the other day about Moto taking his shirt off at Nora cup. Go crazy in Vegas, but then back home in Japan, yep they make him put his shirt right back on. He’s just too wild for his homeland.

    awesome vids here.

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