2 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois wins Semis at FiseWorld Hiroshima!

  1. #fise and #UCI already need to get their act together for these ridiculous flatland BMX results. Are these Judges even Watching the Same contest? Jean william prevost does more moves in 30 seconds than the contestants above him do in 3:00 minutes. Lame ass pumping cross footed Steam rollers beat mega fast switches. Slow motion links people have been doing for a Decade beat DUB.. I cry fowl. I dont care what so called expertise these Flatland judges have you are not judging but picking favorites. Now that #UCI is involved into Flatland and this is suppose to a Legit contest you people need to get your act together or get out of judging. #UCI folks need to take a look at whats already occurring in their so called judging format and who is judging. If this is to appear a normal official sport you are already making a mockery of it. The Hiroshima results are already so bad that a laymen spectator could tell the difference. What ever is going on is a disservice to anyone who has worked years and years at perfecting such a craft. The Hiroshima flatland results make the sport look like a rigged little kiddie weekend soccer game. This latest episode of #Fise Hiroshima is an embarrassment to the sport.

    • Glad your raising this issue. something deffo don’t seem right. Crazy judging outcomes. Just who did judged this one?

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