Matthias wins the Nora Cup!

The awards went down in Las Vegas last night, and the early hours in Europe. This year the outstanding flatland rider of the year was definitely Matthias Dandois, he got my vote and everyone else I know!…Congrats La Brie!!!!

NoraCup: Video: Nike
Street: Garrett Reynolds
Ramp: Chase Hawk
Dirt: Mikey Aitken
Racing: Maris Strombergs
Videopart: Garrett Reynolds
Flatland: Matthias Dandois

2 thoughts on “Matthias wins the Nora Cup!

  1. Not flat related but actually a nice touch that the dirt jump pros voted for Mikey Aitken this year, I mean the guys a shredder and one of the most influential bmxers out there. He should have won numerous times before, just watched his speech on the transworld site, heartfelt stuff!!

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