Matthieu Bonnecuelle – 3rd Place BMX Cologne

Matthieu Bonnecuelle at BMX Cologne 2014 Finals from Global Flat on Vimeo.

You’ve seen the no handed whiplash we posted earlier? Here is Matthieu’s 3rd place run, the level of difficulty of this kids tricks is mind-blowing, what a future ahead for Matthieu!

11 thoughts on “Matthieu Bonnecuelle – 3rd Place BMX Cologne

  1. Some sick original and hard moves in here stoked the judges realised that!!

    I hate to say this but in any other comp Matthieu wouldn’t of got any where near a podium place. Due to being marked down negatively on the touches, instead of positively on the sick moves he did do.

    I hope this is the future of flatland……….

    • @lee – not sure if you are aware, but wasn’t only the 3 minute run. But also the bonus round was included, where Matthieu did the no handed whiplash of course. Amazing talent as I already said. Excited to see what this kid brings in future.

  2. Yes I agree Lee, best run with the chance to do a best trick is most definitely the way to do it.

    Very pleased with seeing the bomb style tricks in his run.

  3. He’s amazing. Yes, the bonua round was dope. Glad some of the guys pulled some tricks. That was my biggest concern.
    Little bit more tweaking and we can get this formula down.

  4. very nice and hard style of riding matthieu…congratulations..Maybe see you this year at cc..regards 😉

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