Matthieu Bonnecuelle No Handed Whiplash – BMX Cologne 2014

Matthieu Bonnecuelle No Handed Whiplash at BMX Cologne 2014 from Global Flat on Vimeo.

One of the stories of the weekend was this guy! Matthieu Bonnecuelle, what a weekend for him! Check out this insane no handed whiplash during the bonus round that helped him move ahead of James White for a podium spot! Thanks to Martin at Global flat for filming this!

5 thoughts on “Matthieu Bonnecuelle No Handed Whiplash – BMX Cologne 2014

  1. I hear from a very good source Matthieu has done doubles, and has edit dropping sometime in the near future. Incredible talented kid! What a weekend for him!

  2. just got back from my 44th Bday ride , check out Flatmatters and boom see this amazing whiplash. FLATLAND RULES!

  3. First of all, happy birthday Mr. Baptiste. Secondly, the difficulty finding balance just prior to the frame hitting the 180 degree point is enormously hard. Looking forward to seeing a double.

  4. Wow! That was amazing! Ive watched this over a dozen times to see how hes gripping the fork and his foot itself is kind of turned upwards at the front. Very cool.

    Cant wait to see more from this guy.

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