Matti Hemmings – Keep Your Chin Up

Today it is good to see a fresh edit out of one of the hardest working riders in the flatland scene, Matti Hemmings! Filmed in one session at his indoor spot in Portishead, Matti kills it! Especially liked the the 360 viral two footed ump truck line that ends in a no hand no footed dork wheelie at the 00:30 mark, and the knee 5 at 1:27! Well worth watching!

5 thoughts on “Matti Hemmings – Keep Your Chin Up

  1. WHAT Lachan STATED-TIMES 7 !!! So RAD SEEING Mattis HAMMER lines in a HARD-CORE edit !!! REMINDS me of an INTRIKAT section , LOVING that VARIAL fudge packer line that BIG-E mentioned , his CROSS-BAR steam , LIMBLESS rocket , ALL / EVERY combo !! Ive been SO curious just WHAT Matti HAD in his PROGRESSION sack LATELY…………….and got PLEASANTLY surprised/ shocked with THIS NEW edit !!! REEEEEEEEEEEE-WATCH , CHEERS Matti !!!!

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