Michael Steingraeber – Out Of Frame!

Out Of Frame! from Michael Steingraeber on Vimeo.

Fresh footage of Michael is always good! The man himself breaks this down for you:

“I went to Chile at the end of December 2013 to rehearse and then perform for Santiago A Mil. We performed Branch Nebulas Concrete And Bone Sessions as debuted at last years Sydney Festival.

Lots of pictures of our show can be found here:

I was welcomed by the Santiago Flatland crew and spent some of my limited free time with them, we rode, went to the beach and had dinner. This is just a clip of some tricks I did at the local spot, Circulo, one sunday afternoon. I filmed this with my phone, setting it on the ground. Didn’t see what i was filming until I got the links, so I was “out of frame” in some shots!
Thanks for letting me ride there and thanks for all your help, especially Leo and Max! Gracias amigos!

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