Michele Maiolani – Rolling 2015

Three minutes of great rolling footage of the 2014 Amateur World Champion, Michele Maiolani doing his thing in Parcheggio, Italy! If you remember his riding or don’t know his name, get familiar! One of the best in the rolling game for sure, last year he dropped a bar grab one handed pedal 5 in his run in Koln, and one up’s it here for the ender at 2:50 plus a ton more! Featured at the top of the site for the day, hell yeah Michele! Absolutely amazing!

24 thoughts on “Michele Maiolani – Rolling 2015

  1. Great riding and great rider. I got the pleasure to ride with him last weekend!!! Look forward to next session! Great great great riding!

  2. One of the most amusing rolling rider, love to watch his lines. Insane and original rolling positions, serious skills. Keep it up.

  3. rad stuff and refreshing to see straight lines rather than spin, spin, spin on every trick that seems to be the norm nowadays.

  4. Incredible stuff…I am still a huge fan of straight-line rolling madness, and this guy kills it. The one-handed Pedal 5 was mind-blowing, wow.

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