Miguel Tardío wins Mula Fest in Madrid!

Alberto Moya just sent in the results from this weekends contest in Madrid, Spain:

“4 days of flatland competitions in Madrid iMULAFEST. Every day there were a couple of “small” comps, all with some money prizes. On Sunday we had the traditional Contest with 2 runs for each rider.”


-Best Trick Winner: Miguel Tardío

-Jam Session Winner: Varo Hernández

– Flatland Photography Contest: Álvaro Fernández and Alberto Moya (here the picture: http://instagram.com/p/bJGyk9w5D4/# )

-Battle Format:
1-Miguel Tardío
2-Álvaro Fernández
3-Santiago Notario

Best Combo:
1-Guelo Monzón
2-Miguel Tardío
3-Alberto Moya

Amateur Contest:
1-Santiago Notario
2-Mario García Correas
3-Morgan Peckosh

Pro Contest:
1-Miguel Tardío
2-Alberto Moya
3-Guelo Monzón
4-Varo Hernández
5-David Carmona

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