5 thoughts on “Mik Penar – How to back wheel turbine

  1. he’s right about the fact that there aren’t enough how-tos out there for beginners.

    Beginners are often told to spend money on Matt willhelms how to dvd. When they’ve already spent a lot of money already on their bikes. I don’t think that’s right at all.

    Not only that but the information isn’t organized or easily accessible.

    it should all be in one place like the old website bmxtrix.com which some of you guys might remember. Where the tricks were listed in order from easy to difficult.
    The only places where beginners can look at how tos that I can think of is on globalflat in the “tricks ” section and the flatland howtos on this site (both of which aren’t really organised too much)

    now, I get that there’s more than 1 way to go about learning flatland. And that having a scale going from easy to difficult is subjective .

    Also, I personally don’t think the Matt willhem or bmxtrix approach is necessarily the most efficient way to get better at flatland in the long run. But that’s just my personal opinion.

    people may choose to learn specific types of tricks based on preference,
    Like me personally I know how to scuff but it’s not something I really choose to work on or recommend to beginners.

    Anyways, It would be great if there were more how tos like this one .

    Effraim, if you could prominently feature a howto section here, that would be great for the newer riders getting into flatland. Or even a tentative viewer wanting to get into flatland.


  2. There is also, or first, the Flatland Tricky app available for apple devices and android (but not for all “old” phones out there unfortunatelly). This is maybe the ultime tool that can be used right on the spot

  3. o yeah… bmxtrix.com i remember that.
    I remember some other side 4130bmx.. which was like 4 kids occasionally throwing up there progress, learning shit way quicker then i could.. canadians i think…
    Never could remember there names, does anybody remember?
    Had to be around 98/2000 ish

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