Mike S wins BMX games

Congrats to Mike Steingraber for just winning the BMX games down under, Colony’s Simon O’Brien landed 2nd.Canadian Eric Effinger in third. Other details are lil sketch, check updates in few hours no doubt on http://www.flatlandaustralia.com/.

Looks like a great scene they have got going down under, with Paul Chamberlain getting well involved, checkout that site, pretty awesome community.

4 thoughts on “Mike S wins BMX games

  1. You know what Shane. Im wondering if thats a good event to go to next year, and you never know, may bump into Kylie 🙂

  2. yeah yeah, it was awesome, great job ali, brett (stumpy) mason, paul chamberlain, nick watts, dinny (FBMXA), and everyone who supported the flatland event, top notch event with top notch fella’s…:)

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