12 thoughts on “Minato Sato – Triple Footjam Decade to the pedals

  1. To think there’s those that struggle to do doubles, & triples. I very nearly pulled a triple, just my foot slipped off the pedal. And here’s Minato pulling 3, you could say, effortlessly.l can imagine adults that know nothing or have never seen flat, being amazed by this.

  2. Ive literally been talking / bragging on Minatos crazy level of progression in his bike riding to loads of other bmxers . Bobby Burge , an ELITE Texas rider . I know riders KNOW who he is …..or will DEFINITELY know who he is ,SOON ….WHY ?! How bout TURBINE , chest /cross bar hold , LIMBLESS rockets ?! Yeah …that’s only ONE of his numerous SIGNATURE tricks , haha….anyway , Bobby and I were warming up outside the venue with Kevin Edwards , ANOTHER young future ruler on his bike , also…….kickless rocket turbines ,climb up to PEDAL time machine combos , that guy ! The three of us were just warming up chatting between prelim heats @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam ……THEN I heard a cool Japanese song over the P.A. , inside the venue….I figured that might be Minatos song for his run . I rushed inside , put my bike away , scrambled for some STANDING ROOM ONLY space …..and …yup , Minato was SLLLLAAAAAAAAMMMING DOWN his run ! Turbine- switch steam flap -jacks , landing BACK in steam , crossed , mixed with spinning hikers , juggled …..just THROWING DOWN his links ! THEN…………he unleashed the triple decade …BRAKELESS , jam-cade style , BUT , BUT …….crazy thing is , like this video, he jams / takes off AND lands on the same right foot ! Not even ,left foot to frame trade off… or left to right foot trade off , on the tire . Such , to me , a SUPER difficult technique , TIMES 7 . My whack old ass has BEEN messing with SINGLE , yes SINGLE switch foot P- cades ……WITH a BRAKE since friggin 1991 , hahaha. You know what ??! I STILL actually get SERVED UP ….on the floor , missing or under jumping on them form time to time , haha. I couldn’t even imagine nailing a TRIPLE ….BRAKELESS …..THEN…..just landing ALLLLLLL the way straight down to the PEDALS , the PEDALS ?! That’s some commitment right there , for sure . Can you imagine if you miss , catch a pedal , like a milli-second off ?!! Youre talking about one SERIOUSLY painful shinner , that’s gonna sting for…….DAYS , haha. I do however have to give Jason Brown R.I.P. , a shout out though , I have the bmx V.H.S. video High Rollers part 6 , where he , I think was the first cat to stomp pedals outta a decade in late 1996 , a single though , WITH a brake . Minato though…….THIS is something COMPLETELY leveled UP , TIMES 7 , for real ! Damn , I think Scott Obrien told everyone during his prelim run he was only 13 , 14 , 15 ?! WOW ! I couldn’t do ANYTHING on my bike @ that age ..Im WHACK……NOW , haha…..at 45 ! I know he easily qualified @ this years Flatland Voodoo Jam for the finals in 3rd ! Think about THAT…….the biggest bmx flatland contest in North America ….Japan , the Czech Republic , Germany , Holland , Peru , Costa Rica , Thailand , France , etc, etc……ALL the places had riders in da house …..and Minato qualified THIRD ! Again ..this dude RULES , THIS is a RAD line for the history books , and………..THANKS to Yosuke York Uno , for coaching this guy . I know Im sure super stoked on THIS ….PROPS !

    • Bruh, your comments continually add relevant, enriched content and historical bmx reference to every video post. I watched your part first in doses 8 just to see the man on his bike behind these comments. Not as whack as you may assume. Don’t sell yourself short, you have amassed skills on the bike as well. We’re all just workin with what we got, and making the most of it. Rodney, thanks for riding all these years and sponging up all the knowledge as you live it, then sharing it with all of us. I’m sure we’re all gonna ride on stoked once we get the chance to after watchin this kid hit this mean ass triple.

  3. Rodney great enthusiasm as usual. I was thinking about decade variations the other day,& l recalled the pedal to pedal 1. I’ve pretty much never seen anyone do any since the 80s. And l guess it’s because certain tricks are forgotten or less popular. To me, there’s no reason to blend the old with newer positions, it can only further develop riding. & l agree with BZ saying you’re adding relevant, historical ‘era’s’ of riding. I remember some not really caring about the history of riding, saying this or that looks weird. Silly thing’s many of these people can’t do many staple tricks, because they’re trend followers.

    • Classic example Tristan is what you said about Kevin Jones saying that one day someone from Finland will knock them all out!The rest is history that everyone remembers, be sure about that…

  4. BZ and Tristan ….Gracias campeons !! Ive been riding bmx for MANY moons , haha. Like say for instance………I STILL have that Mike Buff up close shot , Oakley mirror like googles ….the ones where you could see yourself in the reflection , haha.. yellow J.T. mouthguard , open face Bell helmet ! Its like an up close mug shot , right before a contest , I think ?? Like a version of a 1984 SELFIE shot , hahahaha. That photo and MANY others ….are all over my walls , photos from 1984……..till TODAY , haha. Ive seen , experienced …LOADS of great moments in ALL disciplines of bmx …….for instance ….Chad Degroot showing up right before finals @ the 1995 Oklahoma City Bicycle Stunts , Hoffman contest , Labor Day weekend . I think he was hung over , haha………his first trick in the jam circle……..mega spin , pivot / step up to INSIDE circle PEDAL junk yard ……..BOTH ways !! Back TO back ……first regular……THEN switch ! Yall should of seen EVRYONES faces / reactions , him showing up right before the finals , just CASUALLY ….SLLLAAAAAAMMMMING those lines down , haha. Chad is so friggin dope , and has a VAST tricktionary…….he didn’t even HAVE to pull those out in the finals , haha. Kinda like…….let me show yall a lil bit of my NEW stuff right before FINALS , haha. Degroot RULES , hands down ! Its been SUPER dope living the bmx experience / life style ….since 1984 , rad stuff indeed ! Im 45 …..STILL live @ mommas casa , no wife / family …juuuuuuuust yet ………BUT ….I can do a mean Cobain ,bar flip to right cross elephant glide on call ,hahahaha…….gotta give a shout out to Nate Hanson for THAT switch , got it from him , haha. BZ ….I appreciate you checking my section in Adam Guilds, new DOSES part 8 video ! Tristan…….Totally AGREE……a lot of riders SHOULD be concerned about the history of our sport AND commit to studying / learning it ……WHY ? Knowing about the history of bmx can only broaden / open up your own mind AND motivate , your OWN personal progression on your bike ,as well………..as its only RIGHT / JUST to give RESPECT / CREDIT to where its DUE , as far as riders who have CREATED , SHAPED , and PROGRESSED the art form . For instance …..yeah, my friends thought it was rad , me learning that switch / bar flip of Nate Hansons back in September of 1997……BUT ….they / I thought it was WAAAAAYYY more rad that he CREATED that variation of that line ! That’s why Im ALWAYS hyped / eager to give respect to riders such as Kuoppa , Jones , Eaton , Osicka , Degroot , Hanson , Marton , Caternellis , Obrien , Gomez , Bob Haro , Pat Romano , Dull , the Castillo brothers , Evans , Yull , Okamura , Jumelin , Dizz , Kohl , Dominguez ……etc , etc ,etc , etc !! Its cool sharing history RE-upping some of THE greats contributions to bmx . Its REALLY easy to be VERY stoked about it !! Juuuuuuuust like this here crazy progressive take on the brakeless triple decade by Minto Sato …..YES , B.Z. , I like you and EVERONE else definitely sessioned on STOKED right after watching this SEVERAL times …….hell , bruv …….THIS brakeless triple is STILL AMMMPING up my sessions ! Thanks again B.Z. and Tristan for also riding bmx flatland , sharing positive vibes , and supporting this site ! As well as YOU …..Big -E …Effraim …..GRACIAS , bruva…….FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM……TIMES 7 !!

  5. Oh wow Rodney, you remind me of myself somewhat. I can bump into any number of people, wherever & they look at my bike with curiosity, then the questions start, & l just go into my passionate talk about flat & some times just Bmx in general. I sometimes forget that not everyone’s as passionate as l am about all things Bmx. And sometimes those people have sometimes said, they can tell how passionate l am. Then there’s those that look at me & l clearly get the impression they feel I’ve talked too much about it, but like l said, it’s easy to forget sometimes, that not everyone’s as passionate as l am, haha! They also say, it’s great that l am though.I’m the sort of rider that’ll see a frame w’out stickers wherever l see it ;& I’ll either try guess what frame it is or they just tell me. I to had 1 wall of my bedroom of my parents house covered with some iconic Bmx Action & Bmx Plus, Freestylin, Freestyle Bmx, Super Bmx, some English mags, that l’ve forgotten what they were called. They featured vert rider Carlo Griggs, Andy Ruffell, amongst many others. I still got my high school folder with Mike Buff doing his 1 hand, 1 footed drop in ,& if you recall, when Buff jumped over his 4 wheel drive on his legendary white P.K.Ripper, along with him bunny hopping R.L.Osborne’s chrome Kuwahara at the race track, way back in 1982, l think it was. I got Bob Haro’s Freestyle Moves & Bmx Action’s book, which I’ve also forgotten what it was called. You got me going with the history & nostalgia of Bmx Rodney, it’s great. I recall Rick Moliterno saying that we should respect the past & l know l have & still do, but it was great that he said that. I’m 52 & ride more than some actually know, l just chose to ride alone for basically 1 of the same reasons Giannis said he does. Bmx’s is great & l can’t imagine life without it, it’s been in my life, more than 1/2 of it. Albeit it’s inevitable for everyone eventually, that’ll it’ll end. . I just try and enjoy it as much as l can.

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