Misaki Katagiri wins Women’s Class at Fise Edmonton

Misaki Katagiri took the win in Women’s class at the Fise contest in Edmonton, Canada, congratulations Misaki!. 6 riders competed and went down to the final four, great to see Erin Fricke on the contest circuit and she took second place. Anyone have any contest run footage of the girls?

11 thoughts on “Misaki Katagiri wins Women’s Class at Fise Edmonton

  1. It’s great to know a woman of 41 did well in a contest. I hope this encourages more ladies to ride into their 40’s.

  2. I’m typing this comment with the utmost respect. I’m not sure there’s a need for a ‘women’s class’. Erin, from watching videos posted on Flatmatters from time to time, simply shreds. I’m not seeing a need for gender classification in freestyle.

    • This is a touchy subject that I can’t resist talking about. With all the hype around gender neutral societal agendas some have lost touch with reality. That reality is that I have a penis and Erin does not. We also have different levels of hormones that create titties, or not, and muscle mass. Can you imagine me fighting Erin? We’re not physically equal…at all. This scenario is not uncommon, in fact it applies across the global population with a few instances where women would literally kick my ass. But, no amount of gender bending horseshit propaganda is going to make up the difference and neutralize the stark differences between men and women. I encourage men to embrace their cocks and I encourage women to embrace their pussies. I know I would. I would also encourage each sex to realize their full potential while enjoying each other’s differences and each other for having those differences. Androgony is dumb and promotes fallacies that could only exist in a dystopian society in Hollywood. I don’t think I am a sexist, rather I think I just live in reality. If women shouldn’t have their own stage in which to compete, maybe you should call Dana White and see if he can put together the first gender neutral UFC fight. Finally…maybe a real chance to just straight up smack a bitch.

      • Hey Aaron,

        I’m just not certain that these inherent differences apply to the world of flatland freestyle as it doesn’t require a great deal of strength. Gender differences, particularly with physical strength, may surface distinctively in ramp or street but, arguably, not for flatland.

        • We’re not the first people to have this discussion obviously. I am sure there is a substantial amount of research to back up my logic. When I see a female ride like their male counterparts in terms of being considered among the best in the world I will consider your point. I won’t rule out exceptions because that does happen but not often enough in a one for one scenario between the sexes to justify removing a women’s class in which they can compete. Flatland requires plenty of strength in my opinion.

      • I totally agree with Aaron. It’s the reason that I’m deathly afraid of being beat up by 8 year old Japanese kids.

  3. you can see things this way also=
    a women class is mandatory there because that event was a UCI santionned event. In that scenario, bmx flatland is like the established sports. And in top competitions of established sports, there are men and women classes, this is something nothing new.

    Concerning the fact flatland is not a great deal of strenght in Flatland when it comes to the difference between men and women, I am not sure.
    Do you know that it’s physically very hard for the common woman to do pull ups? while it’s really not a great deal for a man who never do it to do several pull ups.
    I am talking about that exercice: https://www.topendsports.com/testing/tests/pull-up-pft.htm
    If you did not know that (like me months ago), have the people you know make the test and you will be surprised 🙂
    Now, considering that gender difference, when it’s about making and linking balance tricks on a bmx during 30 sec or 1 min or more, I can imagine men and women are not on the same field

    She will never know, like all of us, but I feel that Flatland for Erin Fricke is much harder for her than for a male flatlander, so considering her level and originality, I have a deep respect for what she does. Same with all the other females riders off course

  4. I recall Erin saying years ago on Diversion, that she prefers a light bike, because she’s not strong enough. Having said that, she was nailing tricks and combos I couldn’t do, so I give her veneration. Look at this way to. Having women or young girls riding can and has helped bring more people into flat.

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