13 thoughts on “MK Addiction for Progression

  1. very coool! I’m about to ride and because of this, i will not wait with a longer clip, i’ll treat you on two new tricks! see yah, and thanks martti for pushing!!

  2. Superb move, but for once, I think I saw Mathias doin’ it in one of his clips in Hungary (2009 or 10? I’m not sure). Anyway, it looks so cool and natural!
    By the way, I would love to see Martti do xfoot guillotine/crackpacker/opposite x foot guillotine (which he already does) but in one move, like he does with hitchiker! Martti, if you read it, this is a request!

    • I was waiting for this comment when I saw the move, quite correct Alex! The suggestion is a nice one, im sure the boss will continue on his path, wait for the next video 🙂 shouldn’t be long….

  3. yeah it was me!!!. holy shit. that was so awesome man. I cant beleive i made a comment now theres a video. frigging UNREAL!!!im so motivated to ride after seeing that!!! Props martti!

  4. ooo oooo… that hang 10 martti does holding the seat and jumps over to backpacker…. i want to see him land XFOOTED backpacker 🙂 dont hurt yourself boss ;X

  5. You’re right Effraim, it should not be long! Buit I’m quite sure that Dominik has this kind of things in mind too, who’ll come with this banger first? Whoever it is, Martti, once again, pushes the walls and opens the doors. I’m bmxilly in love with that man, it’s such a thrill to know that he’s somewhere thinking and riding. Alex

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