9 thoughts on “MK and the magic cliff!

  1. One of the best clips yet! So creative. 15-14 and you just opened up a whole new world of flatland. Blown away by the control on this!

  2. wasnt sam foakes doing something like that? no disrescpet to martti…just remember seeing sam foakes doing something like tht a while back?



  4. If somebody else did it… great! Everybody else has done everything but be themselves without fear… Flatland is as of late a continual lack of substance.. Where some fluttering spins can become a reality to the “masses.” ( Internet folk… Sorry Sam) Martti rules, a good old friend and with respective manner, I can tell all y’all to go fuck em selves. Ive seen a lot of people do a lot of shit, scuffing with your hand hasn’t been one of the highlights. I remember Martti scuffing with his hands as his chin was about to scape the floor… We should all listen to Paul Mcartney more often and watch more of Martti not giving a fuk

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