8 thoughts on “MK “In the works”

  1. and if viki is reading this the world needs to see opp xfoot 1/2 packer-uncross to steam to the inside xfoot 1/2 packer, but in a fluid motion. just sayin

  2. After yesterday’s clip of the controlled x crackpacker to hang 10 I knew he had the full pivot in the bag. The first pivot is harder in that you need the cross wheelchair control to pull it off. Hang 10 to x wheelchair feels great but you don’t need the same control over that cross wheelchair to ride out via switch steam.

    Super sick, always psyched seeing Martti rock new positions I haven’t seen him do and working towards clips I haven’t seen out of anybody. Really stoked on hopefully seeing Martti get creative with x wheelchairs. There aren’t too many riders that can do it really well and therefore not a ton has been done with it, so props again to MK!

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