6 thoughts on “MK Junglerider Frame arrives!

  1. Nice paint job. I wish I had a 19.5″, don’t need to be riding 18.75 anymore. BTW, Effraim, your turbine hh jugglers that you posted the other day were beautiful.

  2. Hahaha thanks Trev! And a legit website too! What is going on?
    Martti asked me to ride this frame until I get my signature Flatmatters E-frame, eager to see how the extra room on the front helps, especially as I’m 6’2. Really impressed with the finish on the frame, looks so good!
    @Hood, thanks for the kind words the turbine hh jugglers are coming on, since I filmed the last video, ive got a whole bunch of doubles, and one triple, super fun trick, and dreaming of doing it x-fted now.

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