MK Limited Edition Bootleg DVD Review

As the “Document, Share and Progress” movement continues to grow, it is very easy to forget the “new trick” clips, due to the sheer volume that are getting produced weekly, like or not we live in a very disposable culture, contest results are forgotten as quickly as the latest Martti Kuoppa clips are.
Without probably even realising it, I think with the introduction of the “MK Bootleg DVD” we may have just reached a new era in flatland, although this DVD is not available to everyone. (The DVD is free when riders buy the Junglerider frame in Japan I believe). The potential is there for all to see in the future as well as the physical DVD.
The flatland purist wants to re-watch these clips over and over easily, as I sat down with Martti at Fise watching the DVD for the first time, I had the sudden realisation that this is sustainable for the flatland audience, essentially the “Underground Mixtape”. It’s cheap, it requires a blank disc, and the clips are already there. Just the editing time required.
This is as pure as it gets, giving away a DVD for free is not for everyone. I’m sure everyone knows there is no money to be made in DVD.
Bootleg covers some of the best clips Martti has done during the last 2 years, it makes incredible viewing. Hammer after Hammer, some people I’ve heard even find this depressing, I see it as inspiring!
Trying to describe Martti’s progression during the last two years especially is a daunting task. Tricks appeared in such a spontaneous way, it was mindboggling, remember the steam kickflip jump through the frame to halfpacker for example? X handed brakeless decade? Mega spin half bar whip one-handed whopper? The list goes on and on, conveyor belt style. The last thing Martti is generic though!
Many of you will have watched in awe during this time period, and perhaps wondered, “What is he getting out of this?”, the answer aside from personal satisfaction and more recently guerrilla advertising for Junglerider, is nothing, I see it more as an artist showing his work and trying to inspire flatlanders worldwide. It’s very pure. Who else in flatland lands a trick, and then never does it again?
To document share and progress movement, is a very unselfish way to look at riding, its raw, tricks get lost on watered down filler edits. The good thing on the flipside with regard to the Bootleg DVD, is this short and sweet, just over ten minutes in viewing, it’s something you could pop in your DVD or laptop before you go riding, and fuel the fire for the session ahead. It’s kind of like Martti’s first junglerider album if you like. The next episode, might appear whenever, there is no schedule.
You may not get hold of this “Mk Bootleg DVD”, as there were only 45 made, but I have a feeling this is just the beginning.
Welcome to the future.

18 thoughts on “MK Limited Edition Bootleg DVD Review

  1. I wonder if Martti wouldn’t mind someone bootlegging the bootleg so more riders could get a copy of this. I would love to have all those clips on one disc. Been so inspired by his riding lately.

  2. Right now I can´t produce anymore because I broke my dvd burner on my computer so I got to wait to save up for new computer and then will see if I will burn more or make another one with different tricks.

    It is too expensive to get them dublicated proffessionally here so got to do homemade style.

    As for download version -> I have no idea how to upload dvd as to be torrent so that will not be an option 🙂

    • I actually think not duplicating them professionally makes this more “sustainable” in flatland, DVDs don’t sell anymore, or not enough anyway, using this method of burning from the laptop or computer, be interesting to see what happens in the future.

  3. Since your physical burner is broken, Martti, then burn to an .iso file and send it to Shayne. He can post the torrent for you.

  4. I agree with Shayne, plus I’d really like to see this! DVD’s are no longer necessary, media can now be downloaded; and it’s much less money involved.

  5. I do admire the fact that Martti burned them himself. in this day in age it feels nice to actually physically hold something in your hand…

  6. it’s true media can be shared in many different format’s now, but i think there’s still something to the traditional media setup where we are used to holding a product that has a ‘professional’ finish to it, perhaps that’s marketing for ya! it’s still nice to hold a photobook/dvd/cd package. contest’s and consistency have taken precedence over having a fuckin awesome video part.

    • I agree with what your saying garyflyer it is nice to have that dvd package in your hand, with nice cover etc, but in terms of flatland, realistically these guys who produce these dvds lose money everytime they produce one, this bootleg dvd, is still the physical dvd in your hand, but it cut out the dvd duplication costs, printed cover. This is sustainable in flatland in my mind.

  7. is realy awesome, would be cool of he gives permission… and see what the seed will produce:P haha, will probebly have tons of views on vimeo or youtube, hit many bloogs and be world wide in flatmatters of seconds:P hahha
    I am actually thinking of filming my new tricks or show them at bmx masters!!!

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