Modorino Colosseum Contest edit

Hell of a lot going on in Japan this time of year…Great footage from Asahi Nagano Japan BMX flat contest. It’s raining outside right now here, this edit just gave me that time to go ride feeling! Results are below…

1st. Moto Sasaki
2nd. Takuya Higa
3rd. Koji Takahashi

8 thoughts on “Modorino Colosseum Contest edit

  1. Aside from stating the obvious about Moto’s riding, I am really the digging the unique styles of the riders at 5:18 and the 8:12. Love these underground Japanese events, seem so pure!!

  2. Moto was awesome i think old AFA expert rider Darren Pelio would be proud of those tweaked Karl Kruisers ,such a cool trick 🙂

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