More Fight with flight coverage

Sick edit by Tony Schneidewind from the fight with flight weekend, this contest must be the best covered flatland contest in a long while…

Fight with Flight Jam 2010 from Tony Schneidewind on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “More Fight with flight coverage

  1. Great edit, so diverse!!! Where to start? Def good to see Jesse back on the contest scene! Feeling the mix of all levels of riding in this video, Moto's riding I have to say does it for me, banging!!

  2. Was talking to Brian Rybak a bit ago, and he says this am flat circuit has really motivated a few of the older guys to come back to the contest scene, as they still have something to offer, this is awesome!!!

  3. The way the contest was setup there seemed to be minimal pressure during the contest run. Jean-William was telling me he wasn't nervous at all because the atmosphere was so good & with the different levels of competing, you're able to enter whatever level you feel comfortable in. I barely pulled a thing during the contest but didn't get butterflies like I used to at this one…

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