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Continuing from yesterdays post about MK, heres two of arguebale his finest creations in flatland, these two links are monsters!! I honestly think he could drop these right now, and blow everyone away. Is it old, yes, but is is better (ie, creative/difficultly) than whats being done currently, yes!! What do you think?

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  1. this was a more ceative time in flat generally, but martti is still dropping hard links even today, hadnt seen that last one so thanks for that

  2. it was definitely more creative time, I guess what I was trying to say was Martti was the leader of that time, and he inspired others to create, the emphasis seems to have gone away from creating…

  3. i dont like to talk bad about anyones riding, but it seems if u critisize new spinning pumping combos ur immeadiatly labled oldskool or standing in the way of modern flatland,but mattias is creating in his own way, and like it or not ,he is the new leader

  4. Thats very true Lee all what you said, I also agree that this is a less creative time, Matthias is for sure the leader, for me personally I wish he'd be more creative with the talent he has

  5. Martti pushed it in the late 90's at the x games etc his name was always up there but today i personally get bored of repetitive pumping tricks awesome and hard as they are and they are the future for flatland i do belive that i just think the creativity side of things in general has peaked forget labels ride whatever i'm still stuck in 1989 ha ha there is no leader in reality some people find hard tricks easy some find easy tricks hard and i bet your bottom dollar a lot of these top pro's can't do half the stuff say Leo Dumlao,Osicka,Chad D,Bill Neuman etc were doing years ago Matt Wilhelm gets overlooked a lot i'm a big fan of his , but as he is not hip he gets a rough ride this is my opinion love or hate it.

  6. I 'd just like to also clarify this old skool new skool divide up ,ride whatever or however you like there's no rules or dictatorship its you and your own mind remember it's function over fashion you know i struggle at times as i got a messed up balance point but i scuff,spin rarely roll and once in a while i'll do a Switzerland Squeaker ha ha style points you know i say what i feel or how i feel without old skool there would be no new skool without say Rick Allison there would be no Adam Kun or Matthais the past is there for a reason to reflect on ,to learn from its there but there seems to be a lot of politics in whats hot and whats new you know i respect somebody who rides with a smile not literally but you get my point if it's taken too seriously the fun turns to something personal .

    i don't aspire or look up to anybody i'm not ignorant or loking for confrontation not at all but i believe in creating your own path this is just an extension of our personalities its expession within ourselves i hardly progress i don't ride as much as i used to what with commitments etc but for me its just the buzz i get the same buzz i got 25 years ago doing kicturn variation thinking i was Ron Wilton (who ? old skool you know) This is an incredible sport with great and diverse talent i embrace it every day its part of my life for life , thanks for sharing.

  7. Rick Allison!! thats a blast from the past, he had great run at tizer world cup, actually put on a show, wonder what hes up to now, was he at that woodward reunion?

    Back to the topic, these two tricks from Martti are bonkers!!!

  8. R.I.P. Rick Allison heard he passed away from an Aids related illness a while back Effraim , found this out from Maurice Meyer on as there was a topic dedicated to him not too sure on the details but i was shocked a real showman with great power moves.

  9. Ok less politics back to the topic well i remember these combo's from Marti like 9 years oe so back and he could drop these now and do well i think from a judges perspective how to differentiate old and new moves is a tough call i mean for example multiple cross footed whiplashes are considered old yet damm hard i think a mix of old and new is not a bad thing (no pun intended) a bit of diversity in riding shows the talent of each individual and variety in a run gets marks from me , the same combo's can get a bit repetitive hard or dialled as they are but a mixture of tricks is something different kind of unexpected if a rider thinks within that capacity it shows great thinking Marti falls into that catagory , i mean if Chase did his run from K.O.C. 92 he would place well even today not just because of his name .

    Opinions differ but old combo's would never hurt the sport .

  10. RIP Rick Allison..
    I was on the Hutch team with that guy, rad person!

    About the old tricks in modern day, was just talking to Martti the other day about how he can tweak stuff here and there, and it can become new in a way, using your example, multiple x foot whiplashes to xft gulliotine double whip to crackpacker would be obscene, and thats linking old moves with old moves to create a new one if you get me.

  11. Not that I'm disagreeing per se. But we are swimming in videos lately, but there is creativity being developed in my opinion…

    I wasn't too aware of flatland in Martii's prime, as I'm pretty young, but due to easy access of web video and contest video, its like watching your own progression, you don't see it as much as others because you're out there riding everyday, making little progression each day, but when you go ride with someone who hasn't seen you ride in a month, they are astonished by your progression, where you haven't noticed it so much.

    The hyperspeed video with Matthias conquering boomerangs like no one else before him. Adam Kun is doing whoppers into halfpackers! Waldemar Fatkin can half whopper four times in a single link! I think the creativity is there, its just hidden amoungst a barrage of contest videos that are the same contest runs we've been watching every weekend.

    The bigger contests like voodoo, and KOG will hopefully get the pros to hammer out some new things that are nice and creative, only time will tell though.


  12. I hear you Alex, for sure we are spoilt in this modern era with access to videos via yout tube, vimeo, not to mention websites such as global-flat, riders blogs, i could go on and on.
    The creativity is for sure their in places, just not as much as that era, I look at marrti's riding from that era, and every trick was a hammer, and it was his trik(s).Kun's whopper to halfpacker is incredible, but I saw Justin Miller do mega spin whopper to halfpacker at flatground 06 practise, who gets the credit for that? One's from a rollback, ones from mega spin…
    Progression might be the way, Sam Foakes doesnt touch the tyre, or doesnt pump at all mid combo, for sure this era has developed the flowing nature of flatland riding in a more creative way. Its an interesting debate for sure, it certainly got me thinking and i know others who dont feel the need to post up on here.

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