Moto Bicycles Pedals now in Colours!

Ali B over at Moto Bicycles just sent in some news on his Moto Bicycles pedals, they are now releasing the pedal in a variety of colours and also at a cheaper price for the launch. Hit the link below to find out more…

2 thoughts on “Moto Bicycles Pedals now in Colours!

  1. Great pedal I seriously can’t see myself riding on anything else after being on these for over a year now! Looking forward to my colored pair! Ali is the man these are awsome pedals wish I could get every hardcore flatlander a pair! They are the best thing to happen for flat in my opinion

  2. luv the colours! though I prefer the first wooden ones ( the wood ones look like a piece of art as well as a bike product ,in fact one of the most beautiful bike parts ever)I would save up and get a pair of the wood ones but my crap riding couldn’t justify such a hardcore flat product as I feel i’d be under using them .

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