Moto Sasaki and Martti Kuoppa – Real City Spin

Moto Sasaki and Martti Kuoppa from JMK on Vimeo.

Jim McKay is working hard on an Real City Spin, here he drops a quick soundbite from his interview with Martti Kuoppa, heres what Jim had to say about it!

“Learn something from Moto as well. That it’s not always about first place. Sometimes you just gotta go for it, and make the difference that way. That was the major standout of the event for me.”
Martti reflects on Moto’s unforgettable final battle against Matthias Dandois for 3rd place in the Pro finals of Real City Spin 2015. Probably the biggest moment in flatland contest history, with some sage commentary by one of the top riders of all time.”

2 thoughts on “Moto Sasaki and Martti Kuoppa – Real City Spin

  1. Dude, i dont remember years but Moto Totally reminded me of Martti with that rollaid trying it his Whole run and bram in berlín trying hitchiker kickflip to Death!!! So much respect! True freestylers!

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