Moto Sasaki drops a 3 minute link for Groundtactics!!

I wondered if anyone would push the boat on this round of groundtactics and combo for the whole time duration, and Moto has gone that extra mile, will the long link return to flatland?

11 thoughts on “Moto Sasaki drops a 3 minute link for Groundtactics!!

  1. holy shit !!! AMAZING !!!

    this guy is a robot !! I just love his riding..

    and did he just connect all his contest tricks in one huuuuuge combo ? how can you beat that

  2. Endurance, is all I keep thinking about here. Moto has thus in abundance! Insane combo! Looks like 3-4 of his combos joined together, with a few new tricks I haven't seen him do before like the xft backwards spinning Karl pivot to steam! Will he do this in a contest hehe

  3. Three words to describe my reaction: WHAT THE FUCK?!!! Moto for the win… How to compete with this android? HEHE HEHE HEHE

  4. can't wait for the finals in finland! for the first year of this contest, theres been so many positives already, thanks martti for making this happen!

  5. MIND BLOWING!! after watching that I went straight to my bike lol

    Does anyone know what front tire he is running and what kind of pegs are those… they look like 1.75 but really short.

  6. Yeah! I´m stoked that first time there will be a flatland contest in Finland!

    We will wait still today for the rest of the videos and the results will be announced tomorrow, and then we will buy the plane tickets immediately.

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