Moto Sasaki gets BMX Plus Cover!

Lil’ bit of nice coverage for flatland, Moto Sasaki was out in California last month and has got the cover of the May issue of BMX Plus! I don’t get too see this magazine anymore, but it is sick to see they are representing flatland in a big way! Congratulations to Moto for getting the cover! Thanks to Mike S for the heads up!

8 thoughts on “Moto Sasaki gets BMX Plus Cover!

  1. Finally another flatlander on the cover! I purchased these magazines for nearly two decades, yet stopped due to the minimal coverage of flatland.

    I’d wish they would randomly select unknown riders from time to time to make the cover. BMX plus photographers would visit various riding spots and select a rider. Can you imagine how motivating it would be for youngsters that there’s a chance of making it on the cover? Talk about high anticipation of waiting for the monthly magazine subscription.

  2. Bmx Plus has increased their flat coverage a lot…. Rich Slezak has been it in a few times over the past year or so, with pics and how-to’s… NICE

  3. “legends are not made from competition” – considering Moto dropped what is possibly the longest and most difficult combo of all time, I’d say he is more than qualified to make this statement hahaha

  4. Truth. Kevin,chase,ross,paul,etc. legends not made from competition. Martti would have been legend whether he competed or not. But he was able to do both and thats why hes the boss. I especially like the guys who do a really cool part like i dont know (standard country) then go completely underground but leave little clues that they are still riding. I also think of the guy from RUM who was pushing off into grip cliff and rolling christmas trees! That kind of stuff gets me more pumped than anything.

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