GroundForce qualifying runs!

Fast uploads from todays competition, Moto uses his deep bag of tricks in his run, lot of good stuff, including the backwards spinning opposite side circle k to steam, yep, in qualifying!!! This looks like being an intense final! With ucchie qualifying in top spot, who do you think will take this Round?
*Just added Mathhias’ run, Ucchie’s, Dominik’s and Ikeda’s, lots of viewing! If any more runs get uploaded I will add them here…

11 thoughts on “GroundForce qualifying runs!

  1. Quality stuff from Moto but remember trhat pedal Karl trick ,Sean Peters was doing in 1995 and for longer. he ain’t taking credit for that surely ?

  2. So in theory Sean Peters trick is harder ,bet half these guys don’t even know who Sean Peters is let alone the trick,same body position can’t deny that same concept kinda like a variation on it .

    • Hmm probably actually the way Moto does it regular karl on pedal then winding up into pedal spinning circle k, is much harder, but then it should be really, as you said the trick has been untouched really since 95! Thats a long time!

  3. Totally thats 16 years , i recall Larry Bull in 1990 doing the unimaginable on the flat then again there’s vert stuff thats been untouched for a while as well guess there are still loads of endless possibilities yet to be discovered in flatland 🙂

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