Moto Sasaki groundtactics edit!!

One word…progressive!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Moto Sasaki groundtactics edit!!

  1. Moto is pushing hard, awesome entry to groundtactics, lot to digest here!!! For sure when of the best riders in the world currently!!!

  2. we will see the best of the best riders on ground tactics in future.
    This is first year going and already really strong riding going on in there!!!

  3. yes definitely martti!!!!
    i hope to see few more entries like this in the last days, this kind of thing is the future of flatland, where riders can show their real level.

  4. real level is where it´s at!!!
    Pure hardcore flatland. That´s what flatland needs. No need to search far away, we got it inside of flatland, just got to open up the minds…

  5. Im having to watch this edit again and again, to understand the pivots, the opening link is killer, i love the backwards spinning crack pull out opposite backwards spinning steam pivot to switch spinning circle k to halfpacker boomerang to crack to steam to signature moto get out, what a mouthful to write let alone do, monster!!!

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