Moto Sasaki qualifies 1st at Flatark!

Moto Sasaki took the top spot going into the finals tomorrow at Flatark followed by Alex Jumelin and Yohei Uchino! Top 12 make the finals that you can watch on livestream right here on Flatmatters tomorrow morning 5:30am GMT! Thanks to Scott O’Brien for sending in the results!

5 thoughts on “Moto Sasaki qualifies 1st at Flatark!

  1. Hell yeah Moto! Will be tuning in tonight to watch the finals! Hope you can make it back to Greenville NC for the TransJam BMX event on Nov 8th! Awesome event! Don’t miss it!

  2. yeah…. how this work… does each judge rank them as where there run sits in a order….
    like did first 3 judges pick moto’s run was the best but last guy thinks it should only qualify 8th. ? ? ?

    seems strange…

  3. Essentially yes. We use it at cologne worlds and uk vert series. Judges just use whatever numbers they want to differentiate riders then we stick it through a programme that ranks and adds the ranks. With 5 judges we also top and tail it ( remove highest and lowest rank) to weed out anything erroneous. Points can’t mean much if there’s no rating system for tricks (like in diving etc)
    Really interesting to see how differently some judges rate riders.

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