Moto Sasaki – Real City Spin Pro Finals

During the Real City Spin finals we all witnessed a moment where Moto Sasaki seemed to be unconcerned about winning the battle with Matthias Dandois and more about nailing the trick he wanted. The trick in question was a hitchhiker kick flip to backpacker, many have already said Justin Miller already did it but if you look closely this is a different variation than Justin’s… Jim McKay put together this awesome edit of the trick go down plus the crash that resulted in Moto cutting just above his eye and continuing (2:21), this is Rocky type stuff, and as many have already said a moment they will never forget. Much respect Moto!

7 thoughts on “Moto Sasaki – Real City Spin Pro Finals

  1. A real warrior!
    nothings different, but Moto riding style is tottaly different from Justin riding style, so for Moto it was Original;)

    Keep shredding Moto!

  2. A moment I will never forget!!
    I talked with Moto at breakfast the morning of the event and he never claimed this trick was in anyway his own, he wanted to do it in honor of Justin.

  3. Would Moto be letf-handed, we could say it’s the same trick as Justin, but to me, considering Moto is right-handed (just as Justin), landing in the opposite halfpacker position makes the trick totally different to me… whatever, props to Moto for pushing it hard in a contest rather than playing a safe routine : should be only about this !

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