Moto Sasaki wins Battle in the Rockies 2015


That’s a wrap on Battle in the Rockies 2015, it went off today at the Evolve Skatepark! Congratulations to Moto Sasaki taking a huge win at the 2015 Battle in the Rockies in Denver, Colorado in an amazing final battle with Martti Kuoppa!
Congratulations to Anthony Schneidewind taking the expert win in a close call with Luke Malone followed on the podium by Shaun Lapsley.
Colorado’s very own Brian Gavagan took the win in Veteran Class, young buck Michael Shao took the win in the Novice Class!

More updates soon…

Pro Class.

1- Moto Sasaki
2- Martti Kuoppa
3- Jean William Prevost
4- Jason Plourde
5- Bo Wade
6- Pete Brandt
7- Simon O’Brien
8- Andy Cooper
9- James McGraw
10- Austin Luberda
11- John Yull
12- Luke Malone
13- Joe Cicman
14- Todd Carter
15- Joel Schallhorn
16- Bryan Huffman
17- EZ Chris
18- Will Redd
19- Nikola Olic
20- Ruben Castillo

AM Pod

Expert finals 

1. Anthony Schneidewind
2. Luke Malone
3. Shaun Lapsley
4. Steve Lapsley
5. Rich Upjohn
6. Michael Shao
7. Ed Jolie
8. Ron Monis
9. Danny Sirkin
10. Jason Rideout

Vet Pod

Veteran Class.

1. Brian Gavagan
2. Jeremy Jones
3. Hiro Tsuchida
4. Marty Freeman
5. Robert Reilly
6. David Larocca
7. Joe Miller
8. Mike Smick


Novice Class.
1. Michael Shao 
2. Justin Oh
3. Dustin Blair
4. Leland Lavender
5. Kim Klisiak
6. Lillian
7. Ava
8. Coda

3 thoughts on “Moto Sasaki wins Battle in the Rockies 2015

  1. Congrats Moto! Congrats to everyone. Great contest! Wow. I can’t remember a contest when so many riders dropped their best runs! Everyone did great! Thanks Robert Reilly, Fred Gates, and James McGraw for putting on a great event. Thanks to Effraim, Alexis and Michael also for judging. Must have been a crazy stressful weekend.

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