Moto Sasaki wins FLATdev 2013!

Photo: FLATdev

News just in from FLATdev! Moto Sasaki held on the top spot taking the win, congratulations Moto! Followed by Shintaro Misawa and Toon Pakhpum, really looking forward to the footage from this event! Thanks to Aidwin Aidan Wing for the top ten results!

1st Moto Sasaki
2nd Shintaro Misawa
3rd Pakhpum ‘Toon’ Poosa Art
4th York Uno
5th Worawee Srivichai
6th Jiang Juangjie
7th Tasleem Raziff
8th Calvin Tan
9th Renz Viaje
10th Heru Anwari

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