Moto Sasaki wins groundtactics final stage!

Moto’s 3 min combo link took the top honours in the final stage, before the live finals in Finland on the 7th of august.

The top four were:
1- Moto Sasaki
2- Sam Foakes*
3- Takahiro Ikeda
4- Toon

* Sam is getting married the week after, so has lot of work to do for is wedding so is unable to make it. That means the fourth place spot gets a free flight.
Martti will be posting the rest of the results later. A few people bailed from this round, which is a shame, but thanks to everyone who took the time to film and post their entries!!!

8 thoughts on “Moto Sasaki wins groundtactics final stage!

  1. Congrats to Moto and the top four!
    Real shame Sam is getting married right after groundtactics would have been even more epic with him there in the mix! Looking forward to the finals, and hanging out with all these rad riders!!
    Once again thanks to martti for putting this on, great work! Flatlands all the better for events such as this!

  2. Congrats to all the riders for even being able to make such high quality 3 minute un-edits, and congrats to the top finishers.

    I don't think anyone is too surprised that Moto took first after watching his video.

    Looking forward to seeing/hearing what happens in Finland on August 7th!

  3. Big progression from everyone who has been part of Ground Tactics since it started. These unedited 3 minute runs proved that these guys are even more hardcore than we thought.

  4. In the end martti, groundtactics was about progression. Definitely seen a few new riders pop up that don't get much media coverage, pete olsen springs to mind! Awesome stuff!

  5. Massive congrats to Moto. He has really pushed things forward and deserves a huge amount of respect! Good luck to all the finalists and thank you for letting me be involved. Ground tactics!

  6. Sam,
    thanks for being part of it and showing your grazy skills!
    This has been the first time we did the Ground Tactics and already a huge progression was achieved by many riders.
    I already look forward doing it again for 2011. But before that let´s see what happens in the finals.
    It´s a pity you cannot make it but hey, you are getting married! What could be better than that!

  7. Yes, Congratz to Moto for sure, he pushed it in many ways!! got to high level for me, but hey!!! dont forget, its about progression and we all have progressed alot!im still pushing my shit:P so thanks to you guys! Martti,Effraim,viki and Chad + the rest!!! till 2010 adjö!
    And all the luck to you Sam!

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