Moto Sasaki wins Shonan Bicycle festival 2010!

Our man in japan, Takuji Kasahara report from this weekends contest in Shonan, cant wait for videos of this…

“This contest is well known for good prizes and well organized and crazy traffic jam every year. more than 100 riders showed up and 90 riders competed.
There are 3 class, Novice and Expert, Open. This time was no battle, 2mins run for qualification and final. Open final result 

1 Moto Sasaki
2 Taikou Kaneda
3 Tsutomu Kitayama
4 Yosuke Shibuya
5 Shinichirou Hara
6 Akira Okamura
7 Takuya Itou
8 Shuichi Osada
9 Takahiro Ikeda
10 Yasunari Ishijima (jimalog)

Moto did it again with a perfect run! I saw lots of people were filming so we can expect videos up soon.”

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