Moto Sasaki wins the Nora Cup 2011!

The awards took place last night in Las Vegas, congrats to Moto Sasaki, taking the riders vote for flatlander of the year for the second year running! The rest of the awards are posted below!

#1 Ramp Rider – Dennis Enarson

#1 Dirt Jumper – Chris Doyle

#1 Street Rider – Garrett Reynolds

#1 Racer – Marc Willers

Best Video Part – Dennis Enarson in Demolition’s “Last Chance”

Video of the Year – Anthem II (Stew Johnson)

6 thoughts on “Moto Sasaki wins the Nora Cup 2011!

  1. Nah man should of been Martti without a shadow of a doubt progression i see that ,Originality i see that and more ,making things happen,doing the impossible thats the future of flatland ,Martti in opinion should win hands down contest rider or not, my opinion my vote ,the boss is the boss.

  2. Both are awesome, but I’m not sure I see Martti’s supposed godliness like Howard does. “hands down” he beats moto? I think not. That’s foolish to even say. In fact, I’m wondering if Howard has even seen moto ride since he made that claim.

    I’d say it’s a fair contest and and Moto deserves the honor.

    I see many people rave on Martti’s originality, but they both have it. I’ve never seen people do what Moto’s doing either, plus at the speed. Reverse front wheel pedal carl cruiser time machine? I’m sorry but that’s a banger that you can’t argue with. They ride pretty differently, so I guess the appeal could change. When moto nails it in his videos, it’s pretty fun to watch. I saw them both on video at this club and moto kinda raged, where Martti didn’t really feel at home. Doesn’t really matter I guess. The cool thing about both of those guys is their persistence, their bag of tricks.

    Moto’s into the contests, is out there, collaborating with others on videos, so it’s no surprise he would get it.

    In the other video of the award, I love how moto rips off his shirt in the audience. That’s kind of funny since you won’t see that in Japan too much. Japan has this weird thing about even guys being shirtless. It’s like as odd if a woman was shirtless in the states (as far as being in public). If a cop saw a guy shirtless in the city he’d probably get a talking to. Only at the beach and pool. It’s frowned upon. I realize that *could* vary by region, but doesn’t seem to on the mainland. Just an observation.

  3. Mikes you are wrong , it leaves me baffled that you can even argue for moto over Martti which comes back AGAIN to a point i will insist on making and question how much you really know about flatland …. so you are basically saying Motos one trick is worth more than Marttis 30+ never touched or rivalled tricks? You literally prove my point about riders choosing aesthetics and style over content due to there lack of knowledge . “When moto nails it in his videos, it’s pretty fun to watch” Are you serious? no really are you? So a riders value increases to you based on how “fun ” you think it is to watch how they celebrate ? That is literally THE stupidest thing i have heard in a long time .
    “Moto’s into the contests, is out there, collaborating with others on videos, so it’s no surprise he would get it.” yeh good point …. Martti on the other hand just puts out tons of videos all year , supports talented riders with his own company and organises the most successful to date online competition finishing with a final in Finland but yeh no big deal huh.

  4. Mike S i take it thats Steingraeber no i’ve never seen Moto ride i’ve seen video’s but does that make any difference ?? no it does not none whatsoever in my judgement . i state my opinion on what i believe to be factual evidence and that evidence that i have seen of Martti in the last year more so in recent months is that i think he deserves to win NORA i also believe that Phil Dolan deserves to be in the shortlist if people like yourself have a problem with my opinion tough shit thats your problem but don’t single my name out on here and make out i haven’t researched or even made a shortlist of riders i believe to be in contention for the award.

    Riders do not have to be of contest pedigree to win they have to be riders firstly and foremost and i agree with every word Ciaran says here every word totally , seems your vision differs from others on the matter ,and yes Mike i am foolish at times but in a democratic society this is a common opinion like it or lump it i’m an old fool at 43 older and wiser ,i never refer to Martti as god like i refer to myself as god like get it right ,if your so hellbent on hating on Martti (impression i get) then a jealous mind is also a foolish one ,as for Moto well if he can rip of Sean Peters 1995 pedal Karl Kruiser trick and win ( yes i know its a variation) ,then i may as well rip off Jesse Puente’s 1991 Plasticman and win, i rest my case and my head,ooo damm that whiskeys good.

    • Before this discussion gets out of hand, let me just state why I voted for Martti.

      Firstly when you get asked to vote the criteria states:

      “So, it’s time to vote! If you’re new to this, it’s all up to you guys to give out the most prestigious award to those who deserve it. So, please, please, please read through this in its entirety before you just blast an e-mail back. The same seven categories are available for voting and you have the opportunity to vote in just one category (race and freestyle votes are compiled separately). Also, keep in mind that this is a “rider of the year” award, so it should be based on who you think has been killing it starting from NORA Cup 2010 (September), not who’s the best ever.”

      Right so….

      I guess I notice more than most because I am watching a lot of videos as part of putting flatmatters together, but since September last year Martti has contributed so much back to flatland it literally I think blew over most peoples heads, over 40 videos with new tricks each time, these videos came out throughout the year, if I compare that to Moto I don’t think I saw a video from Moto until the spinning nose wheelie dropped around Feb/March time, so from the KOG in October till Feb/March you didn’t see him, I’m not here to slag off Moto at all, i’m just saying the only guy who was in the public eye all year round contributing new tricks ( alot of the contest regulars are quiet from the public eye from october till february- thats 4 months in which time Martti had produced so many videos that motivated us all during the winter months, organising contests (groundtactics), and also a bike company, was Martti Kuoppa. Thats why I voted for him. Credit where credit is due.
      If we are talking about best videopart, Moto’s pedal part would def be a strong contender, but that doesnt mean hes killed it all year….

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