Moto Sasaki’s WagwanBMX Prototype


Moto Sasaki and Yohei Uchino are moving quickly with the launch of WagwanBMX! Just caught this first photo of Moto Sasaki’s Wagwan prototype. below I translated what he had to say so some things may be a little off….

“I have launched a new bmx brand with one of world champion Uchino Yohei👍🏻
Finally in August! ︎
And I think most of them already knew.
In about 12 years, he left the brand of jykkjapan, a new wagwan, the world champion, uchino uchino.
I’ve had a lot of trouble this year and I have a little late start, but I think I’d like to go around all the time.
We’ve been talking about six months and we talked about it.
I’m going to have a lot of anxiety about new things again, but I’m going to try to cheer you up.
I don’t care about the sale is coming soon ⁉ ︎ I’ll say 😁

Come and follow us here 🙏🏻

I’m happy to be able to ride with you all the time!”

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