Must Read!: Justin Miller interview!

This made my day! Really nice intro and interview by Terry Adams…

Justin’s favourite trick, the infamous hitchiker kickflip to backpacker.

“I met Justin in 2002 at a CFB contest in Joliet, IL. I needed some air in my tire and asked to borrow his pump. At the time Justin was competing in the expert class. To be completely honest he was not a stand out rider at the time. He hung in the back of the lot riding alone, seemed pretty shy, and its safe to say no one thought in just 2 years he would make a mark so deep in the scene that his name would never be forgotten. Two years later I traveled to Japan with Justin for the KOG contest that he took a well deserved 1st place in the expert class. I can remember watching his run and thinking to myself, how will I ever beat this guy when he turns pro? Funny I thought that because he then turned pro and whooped my ass at just about every contest on the map. He took the win at the BMX Masters, Voodoo Jam, and even grabbed a NORA Cup in those years as well. It was obvious Justin was not at these contest for making friends. He was there for business, for blood, he was there to win!
I traveled all over the globe with him from 2004 through 2008. We became the best of friends and have shared some of the best moments in life together. As most of you know Justin left the scene completely about 3 years ago. I still speak with him just about everyday. The only difference is we never talk about riding anymore. We speak about everything but riding bikes. It’s hard for me to not ask him about flatland because I often wonder if he will ever ride again. Sometimes I will ask him, you know that you are the most talented contest rider that ever lived right? He always replies with “shut-up, no I am not”. Justin and I have completely different personalities and that’s what’s so great about life. You meet people that are so different from yourself and then that person ends up being one of the closet friends you will ever have. You better believe it was a fight to get him to do this interview. Sorry for bugging you man. I had to. It is just the way I am. Enjoy!!”

7 thoughts on “Must Read!: Justin Miller interview!

  1. A very inspirational article from one of the best contest riders ever!
    I found this really refreshing, sorely missed from the contest scene!

  2. Difficult to understand how a guy, who was probably in the Top 3 best flatlanders in the world with very personnal combos, can left the scene so fast.. after a so big implication in this sport..

    Hope he will be back..

  3. I hear you Nicolas! He certainly went out at the top.
    Left his mark forever!
    I always liked how he was straight up, he was competitive, what you see is what you get. Awesome guy!

  4. Straight up Justin!

    "Do you ever see yourself riding flatland again?
    I do. I’ve been thinking about it more and more lately because no one can beat Matthias(execpt you). 🙂 I dont know what all the kid are doing out there. They need to step it up and give him a run for his money or I am gonna have to come out of retirement!"

  5. A tru legend, i do hope he gets back on his bike ,even just to enjoy it on the most basic level and not worry about comps.

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