Must Watch! Alex Jumelin – BMX Winter Part 1

bmx winter edit part 1 from alex jumelin on Vimeo.

It really does not look like winter down in New Orleans, make sure you don’t miss this new edit out of Alex Jumelin who drops a couple of new things I haven’t seen before. On the first watch, the backwards flail to peg to peg boomerang at 00:52, and the cross foot nose manual jump to regular nose manual 2:55 stood out the most, these two combos had me hitting the rewind, and theres a lot more. One of the great things about flatland, you might take something different out of the edit than me, if so, what stood out for you?

8 thoughts on “Must Watch! Alex Jumelin – BMX Winter Part 1

  1. Wow, I hit rewind multiple times on the first watch already! In addition to what E already pointed out, I was really stoked to see the nose manual g-turn 180 to nose manual (or whatever that’s called)!

  2. E,

    Both tricks you’ve mentioned I’ve done before. The first one (fakie flail to peg boomerang) I’ve done on video, its in one of my edits. The 2nd one, xfooted to reg, I do them both reg to xfoot (a lot harder) and x foot to reg…..but I rarely film the xfoot to reg because I always saw it as the much less difficult variation. You can see the reg to xfoot on my 2013 edit (2nd to last trick), and my next edit should have a lot more variations to display as well.

    This edit deserves all the recognition it gets, because alex is a real raw talented guy, and I wish I could be as good as him. Having over 20 years more experience than me helps a little, however 😉

    The trick that deserves the most attention for being original is at 2:38. Its easy to miss, but VERY HARD to do. He did a gturn, fakie half cab off the front wheel (fakie half cab nollie out of a gturn), and then landed *back into a gturn* ….

    Its something that has gone through my mind a LOT, but that I’ve never quite put the required effort into nailing.

    That trick alone deserves all the props in the world.

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