Must Watch – Alex Jumelin / Mastering the Art of BMX Flatland

This new edit appears to have gone under the radar, thanks to Jeff R for sending this one in. What I really liked about this new “Mastering the Art of BMX Flatland” is Alex Jumelin seems to focus on just a few tricks and what he can do with them. Really powerful, I would also like to add this year has already been so incredible for Must Watch edits and I feel like I am giving the honours out weekly right now but this deserves it! The highlights for me are below:

00:42: Sliding Scarlo squeak bars crossed bar flip front scuff to nose jump xft inside steam shove it opposite foot steam boomerang steam out.

1:04: Rollback one and half flail to xft inside steam line.

1:56: Long g-turn to backwards nannie jump down to xft inside steam line.

2:16: And the banger of the edit! 720 nose jump to inside xft steam!!, execution is incredible!

Go watch this one right now!

11 thoughts on “Must Watch – Alex Jumelin / Mastering the Art of BMX Flatland

  1. 00:42: Sliding Scarlo squeak Here in PA Land in the 80s…a “sliding squeak” was referred to as “burnt shoe”

  2. Sliding Scarlo squeak Here in PA Land in the 80s…a “sliding squeak” was referred to as “burnt shoe”..I wanted to edit but cant…but for example…Kevin Jones style front yard and hang fives were known as burnt shoe front yard and hang 5 where the foot is dragged on the tire at least thats how it was referred to on this side on the country, but most things were meant to go fast and use the “burnt shoe technique for control…I never knew it can be referred to as “Sliding Scarlo squeak”

  3. This is why I can never understand when people make “best” proclamations. Styles, approaches, execution, etc. are all so varied, I really find it hard to compare. I love his riding and the tricks he chooses to do are things I would do were I capable, but weighing it against others of his level, when everyone is doing different things, just seems superfluous. This is my big fear about the UCI. If they start to require people, like gymnasts, to all do certain mandatory tricks for the sake of judgement, it can have a real stifling impact. Long story short, this is a beautiful edit and incredible bit of bike riding!!!!!

  4. Nice! Just one session too. It was good to see him just doing tricks that he loves.

    My favourite was the jump to the front peg from the backwards manual.

  5. Jumelin has some of the best balance, if not THE best in flatland. I saw some out takes from many years ago, before tricks were pumped, and he would roll to a stop, hang for a second, switch his feet and kick the tire. My description doesn’t convey the jedi ownership he had over being perfectly above his peg! I think many undervalue the influence he’s had over flatland for the last 6+ years!

    • It’s true. I’ve been watching him ride since 2003 and he’s always had something new at every contest. There were a lot of contests back then too. Some guys have done more or less the same tricks for 10 years, but Alex has always kept it fresh. He made the transition to brakeless pretty late too (2011?) – look how much he’s achieved since then!

  6. wow this blew me away. absolutely incredible riding so many things i had not seen. definitely pushing it to new levels.

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