Must Watch! – Alex Jumelin Welcome to FreeGun edit!

While most of the BMX industry was tucked away inside a stuffy convention center in Las Vegas for the Interbike trade show, Freegun Underwear’s newest pro flatland BMX rider Alex Jumelin was out cruising the strip and scouring the desert in search of new riding spots while throwing down banger combos and links for his welcome to the team edit.

13 thoughts on “Must Watch! – Alex Jumelin Welcome to FreeGun edit!

  1. Not stoked on Razor Scooter Flatland trend. I like that Alex is experimenting with a new set of tricks, and updating Bob Haro classics / basics like the endo, but the jammed seat makes it look like a scooter more than a bike, and doesn’t seem to have a purpose other than just that, making it look like a scooter, and act like a scooter. I’m sure Alex can do all these tricks with the seat high enough to do 1 footed cliffhanger pumps as well. Anyway, some people aren’t stoked on 6 pegs, or direct drives. I’m not stoked on slammed seats. I like the edit though Fat. Nice back and forth between the Vegas scenery, and all of Alex’s tricks. He’s super good, and has been for a very long time.

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