Must Watch! Back Wheel Jam – MMFilms

Every so often an edit comes in, where all boxes are ticked! Editing, filming, titles, music, riding, and concept, are all on point! Watanabe Naoki, Matsumoto Takumi, and Itani Masashi all drop buttery smooth original back wheel lines from all three riders, love the last line at 5:12 from Matsumoto! I’ve hit the rewind already a few times to take this in! Don’t miss this edit!

6 thoughts on “Must Watch! Back Wheel Jam – MMFilms

  1. I’ve always loved edits filmed by a beach or other bodies of water. I think that all of the sky in the background makes it easier to focus on the riding because there is not much else fighting for your attention. And, in this case, the riding is well worth all of your attention. As E said, all of the elements come together in this one.

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