Must Watch! Chad Johnston 2013 2 – Sea Level

Always a treat to see what Chad is up to. It looks like the Long Beach Underground got hot, and he went out to Sea Level for riding spots. The last two lines standout for me, the cranked blender with a neat trackstand exit, to the stem entry to double footed karl, Chad’s riding never disappoints. Pure artistry right here!

16 thoughts on “Must Watch! Chad Johnston 2013 2 – Sea Level

  1. Thanks for the posting…and the comments!

    We’re also working on a mix edit with a wide variety of riders, should be ready later this month.

    Until then, let’s ride!

  2. Really loved the scarlo to (tamahawk?) to double whip over the bars. Great style and execution!

    That pedal time machine was simply incredible. No one does those like that, respect!

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