Must Watch – Chad Johnston / S&M “Hot Dogs” Section!

I don’t know if it’s just me or has the level gone up a notch or ten this year. It’s not normal that I give a video part section a Must watch. But it’s Chad Johnston, and in my eyes we don’t see enough Chad. Not only one of the most inspirational riders, but look what he has done for riders such as Martti Kuoppa, Viki Gomez, and countless others.

Chad hits it hard in the Long Beach underground in this S&M “Hot Dogs” Section, from the opening backwards elbow glide on the forks at 00:16 to double footed karl BB bar flip out I’m literally having the feeling of watching one of his intrikat videos for the first time.

00:27: pegless undertaker with a wild wheel stand lawnmower type ride out! This might be one of the moves of the year already! It’s april!!!

00:33: Bars regular bar twist to bars backwards nose ET nose to set up Scarlo squeak whips to double karl bar flip out! WTF!!!

00:53: Scarlo squeak to chick whip double footed karl to 360 BB flip out!

1:17: Seat stand megaspin to xft pedal megaspin step over one foot pedal manual pedal death to blender, bare in mind no pegs! Absolutely insane, and like a fine wine Chad just keeps getting better and better. Beyond stoked, contender for edit of the year? Let’s discuss this one in the comments, pure flatland at it’s best! Look out for an interview soon right here on FM!

15 thoughts on “Must Watch – Chad Johnston / S&M “Hot Dogs” Section!

  1. There is something to doing the undone that is harder then we tend to acknowledge. There is lots that has yet to be done, I haven’t see hang fives done by rider a whilst blowing bubbles with their nostrils, but that isn’t anything I think there is an audience for. But, to be truly original in interesting ways and while maintaining a level of style that is palpable, that is as profound an accomplishment as there is. In every one of his edits, Chad seems to achieve moments of that level of style and innovation that takes bmx to new heights. Even as I watched that 101 tricks video re boot, I couldn’t help but notice his creative ways of getting into an ant-rider.

  2. hardcore and so original Flatland here!
    Thank you for this heavy edit!
    Feel so much the Intrikat’s vibes in it, mindblowing as usual!..

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