Must Watch! Chicago BS Comp Flatland 1994

Chicago BS Comp Flatland 1994 from Doses on Vimeo.

There’s an unintentional theme developing in 2012, theres a real resurgence in old school videos right now, peep this one sent in by Adam Guild! Chicago BS Contest 1994! Dylan Worsley and Chad Degroot smash it on here, not to mention Paul Osicka, Day Smith, and few others, so much originality…

13 thoughts on “Must Watch! Chicago BS Comp Flatland 1994

  1. its great watching the older styles and sometimes it is like a breath of fresh air as everything is spinning, brakeless and scuffless these days. i think some tricks will get resurrected in time with a newer skool feel to them as when you think about it most of the flatland tricks these days are links and combo’s from mostly Kevin Jones creations.

  2. this ain’t to diss anyone out there I just feel it is new ways into this and new ways out of that. very rare these days you see a totally new trick that blows your mind like it used to be in the dorkin’s and baco videos. maybe scuff links will be back and riders will be going thru more footwear than tyres again someday…. ha.

  3. Classic Dark side stuff from Chad and Dylans pedal tricks, hey Denny i scuff all the time mainly because i suck at rolling haha i got lost after double whiplash’s ,its all freestyle folks there are no rules 🙂

  4. I was there for this one with Mason Smith, the level of riding was unreal, practise was incredible for the time. Classic stuff.

  5. Lincoln i got rad mag with you at Chingford on your Blue Haro Master double Fire Hydrant to G – Cruise how to ,Phil was on a Hutch Trickstar circa 1986 no hand backyard ,Graham Marfleet,Hassell etc

  6. Yeah great times Howard. Moliterno & Krt Schmidt were in the crowd going off ever time one of the Standard guys did their runs. Standard flat crew ruled this comp..

  7. Thanks for that ! Shame Hassell stopped riding, he came back from the states with some serious new flat combos for back then. He disappeared completely from riding. Had great times riding with him Andy Brown, Paul Zak and the meanwhile crew. Great memories:)

  8. Standard had a great team then so many big names, no worries Lincoln yeah Paul Zak and Andy were rad ,also Paul Gerlach and James Molby
    i recall memories for sure 🙂

  9. What a blast from the past! I was at that contest. In fact, I saw myself in the background in this video. Awesome riding from a time when almost all the top pros had very unique and original riding and personalities.

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