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From the opening xft 180 bunny hop jump back to regular stance backwards manual across the Newport Beach riding spot I was glued to this one from Dane Beardsley. A rider I feel like is totally overlooked by the flatland scene, and a rider with a lot of depth in his riding. As always with “Must Watch” videos I like to highlight what stood out for me with some detail about what is going on also.

00:27: Bars backwards whiplash to forward karl/one handed karl in circles kick one handed backwards half hiker backwards karl freak squeak scuff whiplash to hitch whiplash out! Absolutely amazing, and I really like how Dane mixed some old tricks and made them new, such as the freak squeak, and having down a lot of one handed karl lines I know how difficult that one handed karl in circles to one handed karl backwards hitch is….

00:51: Half boomerang step same foot xft backwards fork wheelie to x-ft backwards hitch x-ft backwards half hiker fork wheelie shove it switch handed forkwhewlie to double backwards crackpacker walk around back jump forwards karl out to pedals. No one does this stuff, refreshing!

1:47: Multiple backwards x-handed whiplashes to regular backwards whiplashes, unreal bike control right here!

2:10: And the ender, half lash to multiple forward rope opposite side walk around to two footed backyard dropped down to opposite half lash out!

I get the real sense that Dane is literally playing on his bike, I have always been a fan of the quirky ride-ins and ride in’s he does, and the fact it really does look like he’s having fun. (no pun intended!). Top stuff!

17 thoughts on “Must Watch – Dane Beardsley / This and that

  1. Not a single turbine. Love that he’s rolling in a direction and not just circles. This was a great watch.

  2. I’m always amazed by those people who never look controlled by the whip or like they are muscling it. There is a , dare I say, zen to his riding. Like he and the bike have an understanding. Needless to say, my bike kind of Goes where it wants and I struggle to meet it there……or I just get bucked to the concrete.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. So many tricks that require a death grip from us mere mortals and Dane just flicks effortlessly from one to the next.

  3. Awesome! Love the backyards in and out opposite sides without the bars turning!!! So hard to do it without turning the bars!!!!!!

  4. Every time I see Dane’s riding I’m inspired and in awe. So much skill and, as said above, it almost looks easy.

  5. Dane is so versatile. The sheer number of things he can do is staggering. It’s nice to so much variety and new tricks from him every time you see anything from him. Reminds me that riding can be about way more than we typically see in the polished routines of contest riding.

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