Must Watch! Danny MacAskill – Red Bull Imaginate

Inspiration for me comes from many forms, not just flatland. Take this new Danny MacAskill Red Bull Imaginate edit that is currently taking over my facebook newsfeed as an example. Love the childhood dream concept behind this, Danny’s riding is of course next level, just watch the crashes towards the end to see how hard he worked at this. Definite Must Watch!

11 thoughts on “Must Watch! Danny MacAskill – Red Bull Imaginate

  1. I have to disagree with you on this one E. As a video I agree it’s sick, but the riding disappointed me.
    Look at Webbie, Harry Main etc. imagine the sort of edit those guys could put out if they had the budget.

    • Yes possibly the edit is better than the riding, but as I don’t see this type of riding very often! It is really impressive to me. I agree if you gave some of the top pros his kind of budget who knows what would happen. But still seeing macaskill 270 footjam whip off that tank on a knife edge was incredible to me, not to mention the 3 flips etc.

  2. I was slightly disappointed watching this edit…
    Not up to par for MacAskill level of riding.
    I feel like they were trying too hard or something.

  3. at the end off the day hes a positive for bike riding in general and if kids get stoked on it thats even better.

  4. You know, I can understand the reluctance to accept this kind of thing, I used to feel the same way. A lot of times I think bmx gets marginalized because people still think we ride little kids bikes and what not. But, in the end, I never think it is a good strategy to combat stupidity with more stupidity. If people enjoy getting loose on two wheels that are a little bigger, so be it!!!! There are much more important distinctions to make then wheel size so why waste the time and effort. I thought it was a really kool idea that was executed well. Could someone have done one or two more spins, sure. But, in the end, it looked like they had a whole lot of fun executing it and the guy is very skillful. Now if it was one of those damn razor scooters…….. just kidding!

  5. Phil hit it right on here – this gets people stoked about riding. Edits like this and the incredible diversity of Tim Knoll’s riding help introduce doing tricks on a bike to literally millions of people. Hard to argue with that.

    This was a heavy conceptual edit and given the constraints of this type of production, the outcome is incredible.

    As for this kind of stuff in BMX, Redbull has been doing their fair share. Look at the COB, Drew Bezanon’s return to 150 edit, and Red Bull Design Quest with Matthias and Simone.

  6. I think this edit has raised the bar on production values. MacAskills edits continue to amaze, and his ability is unquestionable, but – I do always feel slightly peturbed that the scale of notoriety isn’t being reached in the same way by BMXers. Bear with me. Especially considering that BMX arguably has an infinitely larger tricktionary. I understand larger bikes might be more socially acceptable to the average laymen, but the question is- Gimmicks aside- what would need to be in a 5 minute BMX video to reach a similar notoriety today?

  7. For me, this video captures the imagination we have as kids, and how everytime we’re on our bikes we feel our past and present are one. 41 years young and I feel 8 when I’m ridin’.

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