Must Watch – Denes Katona / The Rolling Stone

Denes Katona – The Rolling Stone from Denes Katona on Vimeo.

Last year Denes Katona released one of the best videos of the year, “The Rolling Stone” which quite rightly was nominated for edit of the year in the 2017 FM year end awards. Denes chose to sell the video by direct download online, and yesterday released the video on Vimeo.
Although many of you will have seen it I am sure there is many that haven’t, everyone needs to see this video that is a real labour of love. Years of craft have gone into Denes’ riding, and combined with Marton Szilaygi’s influence and editing skills you are onto a winner.

Quite literally everything Denes does is a highlight, jaw droppingly good I would say. But as always I like to highlight my favourites and I’ve selected a few diff styles to reflect what I was saying about this project being a labour of love.

1:05: Ankledeath style whiplashes both ways pedal 5 jump lash xft out!

1:48: One handed switch handed multiple whiplashes to hitch One handed switch handed multiple whiplashes the other side. Just mind boggling skill, I once said at the TGM that Denes is a rolling god. I stick by that to this day!

2:36: I’m thinking back to when I first downloaded the Rollibg Syone video. This line had me hitting the rewind, I just didn’t see it coming. X handed whiplash to hitch juggler to switch handed steam to halfpacker whip turbine backwards backpacker pivot opposite xft hitch out. The step from switch hand steam to halfpacker in this line is amazing!

4:53: One of my favourites from the whole project and again I didn’t see this coming. Multiple rocket squeaker bar flips to rocket 5 forward scuff multiple xft whiplashes to one handed smith out! So much skill and the surprise I loved!

14:24: I left a little gap and like I said everything Denes does is amazing. Still one of the standout lines after many watches at 14:24. Opposite xft multiple whiplashes rebate multiple xft whiplashes the other direction xft messiah switch handed one handed smith out!

Denes can do it all, 17 minutes of raw flatland. No trends, just pure lifer flatland skills. Go watch this, get motivated and go and ride. Top marks Denes!

19 thoughts on “Must Watch – Denes Katona / The Rolling Stone

  1. Woke’ up to Denes Laying it down this morning make most Riders looking like rubber cat Sh!t ! So good to see some Rolling Straight Line Metal Tricks! I think he did everything! And we Thank You Denes continue to ROCK! and ROLL!

  2. One of the best in the game. He does a ton of stuff 99% of riders don’t even bother to try to learn because it’s so ridiculously off the charts difficult.

  3. This edit will stand the test of time, its like i can feel the strain of every balance point. this guy is a genius and a hell of a nice guy. i first met him on the streets of west norwood walking around looking for TGM, he didn’t have a bike. he rode my bike for weeks while his was being sent over from Hungary, any time i was not on my bike he was on it ( or anyone else’s bike for that matter) he shredded none stop. he can do any trick and and style. no limits. he doesn’t even need his own bike for **** sake.

  4. What a weapon! I just can’t believe how good he is. Like Chase and Kevin. I really feel the struggle. So much pain and practice.

  5. Yes Denes !! Mad control. Some lines must have been incredibly challenging to capture! Flatland is vast. Thank you.

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