Must Watch! Dez Maarsen – Lost Tapes Pt 3

This last week has been out of hand with amazing edits and it continues right here with Dez Maarsen and his “Lost Tapes Part 3” edit! From the opening combo, forward karl half packer one handed two footed pivot xft steam body varial to halfpacker line at 00:38 I was gripped to this, other highlights for me include the forward karl pivot backwards spinning xft spinning steam shove it halfpacker pivot xft steam line at 2:02 (so many switches with very little deadtime!).
Dez is known as a front wheel killer, but also shreds on back wheel too, I loved the two footed backyard gliding gerator pivot xft turbine pivot back to two footed backyard around the 2:50 mark, and the ending hang ten pivot backwards spinning karl to xft halfpacker line is ridiculous! Enjoy this christmas treat from Dez!

11 thoughts on “Must Watch! Dez Maarsen – Lost Tapes Pt 3

  1. That’s why it’s worth to spend thousands of hours on your bike. Pushing your own style and concepts to the limit. I see this edit as a culmination of years of hard work and ideas. Pumped.

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